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JJ’s Waste & Recycling are proud to have built solid working relationships within the retail sector to assist in overcoming any waste management and disposal issues in the industry, offering, convenient, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

JJ’s Waste & Recycling Mini RORO system is a roll-on, roll-off system specifically developed for use in large shopping centres and manufacturing environments.

4.5 cubic metre satellite waste receptacles are placed throughout the site and are designed to collection of cardboard and refuse.

The Mini RORO collects the receptacles, transporting them to a centralised waste management area where they are emptied for collection and recycling offsite.

JJ’s Waste & Recycling can custom design, manufacture and provide on-site operational requirements.

We offer compactors of various sizes to suit the needs of customers and will work closely with you to determine your particular needs.

Our compactor options include:

RF Compactor Units

Designed especially for businesses and produce large volumes of compactable refuse/cardboard.

Unipak Compactor Units

This all-in-one compactor ensures the hygienic storage of putrescible waste in areas that demand high standards or public amenity, such as retail outlets

To combat the ever increasing volume of food waste, JJ’s Waste & Recycling can provide retail centres with the Pulpmaster. The Pulpmaster safely and efficiently process food waste in a matter of seconds into a state that allows it to be stored in tanks.  The automated notification system contacts JJ’s Waste & Recycling when the tank requires servicing.

To inquire about the appropriate waste disposal services for your retail space, contact us today via phone or email.