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Commercial Waste Management

JJ’s Waste & Recycling offers convenient, reliable, efficient and cost-effective commercial waste collection solutions within the commercial sector.

The JJ’s Waste & Recycling team service various commercial sectors including:

  • Businesses
  • Office buildings
  • Education facilities

JJ’s Waste & Recycling can provide source segregation initiatives to promote separation and recycling of valuable resources such as paper and cardboard, commingled recyclables, scrap metal, organic waste and used oil.

Our commercial waste collection and disposal services include:


Our metal dumpsters are ideal for trash collection services at commercial sites and are available in a range of sizes, from 1 cubic metre to 4.5 cubic metres.

Our industrial bins offer a range of additional features and options to suit your needs, including:

  • Wheels/no wheels
  • Fitted pockets to allow use with forklifts
  • Galvanised bins for rust prevention
  • Plastic lids for easier use
  • Colour coded for ease of use.


We offer compactors of various sizes to suit our commercial customers and will work closely with you to determine your needs.

Our compactor options include:

RF Compactor Units

Designed especially for businesses and produce large volumes of compactable refuse/cardboard.

Unipak Compactor Units

This all-in-one compactor ensures the hygienic storage of putrescible waste in areas that demand high standards or public amenity, such as retail outlets.

Fridgepak Compactor Units

Developed for customers generating high volumes of food waste that could potentially generate significant liquid runoff, the Fridgepak eliminates the need for costly construction of a cold-room, with the waste refrigerated by an air conditioning unit fitted to the machine. Temperature controls, which are adjustable to -30oC, inhibit odour-causing bacteria and potentially eliminate pest/vermin issues.

To inquire about industrial waste removal products and services within the commercial sector, contact us today via phone or email.