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Pulpmaster USA

JJ’s Waste & Recycling is committed to minimizing the amount of waste disposed in landfills, and has developed several pioneering techniques in waste management systems. Our partner in food waste management, Pulpmaster USA, helps us achieve this environmental commitment.

The Pulpmaster USA solution was to introduce Pulpmaster 5000, an environment-friendly and cost-effective system that eliminates huge quantities of food waste from commercial establishments by converting the waste into pulp. The pulp slurry is then collected and processed into an organic fertilizer and biogas.

Pulpmaster USA enhances the environment by:

  • Transforming food waste pulp into organic fertilizer
  • Generating green electricity from the biogas
  • Ensuring zero waste goes to landfill
  • Minimizing the oil and grease which enters the sewer system

Pulpmaster USA helps its customers save money by:

  • Being a cheaper alternative to traditional waste removal in skip bins
  • Helping staff improve their efficiency in food waste handling
  • Enhancing kitchen space savings with fewer waste bins
  • Reducing costs in the purchase of plastic bin liners

For more information on how Pulpmaster can help you reduce your food waste removal costs as well as your environmental footprint, please visit the Pulpmaster USA website.